Strike Docs


Create a transaction to delegate Strike Governance voting rights to an address.
  • _address (string) The address in which to delegate voting rights to.
  • [options] (CallOptions) Options to set for eth_call, optional ABI (as JSON object), and Ethers.js method overrides. The ABI can be a string of the single intended method, an array of many methods, or a JSON object of the ABI generated by a Solidity compiler.
  • RETURN (object) Returns an Ethers.js transaction object of the vote transaction.
const strike = new Strike(window.ethereum);
(async function() {
const delegateTx = await strike.delegate('0xa0df350d2637096571F7A701CBc1C5fdE30dF76A');
console.log('Ethers.js transaction object', delegateTx);