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Distribution of protocol revenue to STRK holders

To earn protocol revenue, STRK tokens need to be vested or locked.

There are 2 earning possibilities: 1 in USDC and 1 in STRK token. Only users who lock their STRK will be able to earn USDC and STRK tokens both.

STRK locking

STRK holders can lock (12 weeks Lockup period) their STRK to earn protocol revenue and penalty fees.

Protocol revenue: All the market reserves Penalty fees: 50% early withdrawal penalty fee for supplying & borrowing distribution STRK rewards

Once locked, the user cannot withdraw their STRK for 12 weeks. It is NOT possible to pay a penalty to withdraw locked STRK early.

STRK in vesting

We have updated the original STRK claim logic as follows.

When supplying/borrowing assets into STRK protocol, distributed STRK tokens would have a 12-week vesting period. During this time no rewards are being released but earn protocol revenue.

You have to "claim" your accumulated reward STRK tokens on the Rewards or Vote page to put them into the 12-week vesting period. Only then you will be able to see your STRK Vests on the Staking Page!

You can claim your rewards during the vesting time but with a 50% penalty fee on your vesting rewards. You can either get 50% of the rewards during the 12-week vesting period or 100% after.


Vesting and Locking will be always in 7 day batches, also called epochs.

An example for Vested and Locked tokens: If the epoch goes from Monday till Sunday and you already have locked tokens on Tuesday and decide to lock another amount of token on Saturday they will be gathered under the same epoch.

You can easily track your different epochs on the UI under the Staking-tab.

Fee Rewards Distribution

Protocol revenue rewards will be distributed every 2 weeks and can always be claimed without any penalty or vesting time.

An example for penalty fee distribution: All early claimed 50% penalty fees are being distributed for a 14 days period based on when they were claimed early. So If someone claims early 2 days later those fees will also be distributed over a 14 days period.

Vested and locked STRK do share the same Protocol revenue pool without different weighting.

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