Redeems the user's Ethereum asset from the Strike Protocol.

  • asset (string) A string of the asset to redeem, or its sToken name.

  • amount (number | string | BigNumber) A string, number, or BigNumber object of the amount of an asset to redeem. Use the mantissa boolean in the options parameter to indicate if this value is scaled up (so there are no decimals) or in its natural scale. This can be an amount of sTokens or underlying asset (use the asset parameter to specify).

  • [options] (CallOptions) Call options and Ethers.js overrides for the transaction.

  • RETURN (object) Returns an Ethers.js transaction object of the redeem transaction.

const strike = new Strike(window.ethereum);

(async function() {

  console.log('Redeeming ETH...');
  const trx = await strike.redeem(Strike.ETH, 1); // also accepts sToken args
  console.log('Ethers.js transaction object', trx);


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