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Makes a request to the AccountService API. The Account API retrieves information for various accounts which have interacted with the protocol. For more details, see the Strike API documentation.
  • options (object) A JavaScript object of API request parameters.
  • RETURN (object) Returns the HTTP response body or error.
(async function() {
const account = await Strike.api.account({
"addresses": "0xB61C5971d9c0472befceFfbE662555B78284c307",
"network": "ropsten"
let usdtBorrowBalance = 0;
if (Object.isExtensible(account) && account.accounts) {
account.accounts.forEach((acc) => {
acc.tokens.forEach((tok) => {
if (tok.symbol === Strike.sUSDT) {
usdtBorrowBalance = +tok.borrow_balance_underlying.value;
console.log('usdtBorrowBalance', usdtBorrowBalance);
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